BELTRAIDE launches Plan of Action 2

The announcement of the launch of its Action Plan for the coming year has been discussed previously. However, there is something to add to it.

At the launch of BELTRAIDE’s Action Plan, Said Musa, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, National Development and the Public Service, was the guest speaker.

He suggested the success of the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service over the last 10 years can be seen as a manifestation of his Government’s commitment to an effective partnership with both public and private sector to build a stronger economy, to generate jobs and to spread the benefits due to growth and development.

Musa confirmed that BELTRAIDE will be continued to be supported by his government. He also added that the government will provide BELTRAIDE with resources necessary for unlocking the great potential and opportunities for the majority of Belize’s people.

In accordance with the data provided by BELTRAIDE, over the last 10 years, it has, with the government’s support, attracted more than USD 1.1 billion worth of investments.

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