Belize to strengthen ties with Barbados

Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia Jr. is making an effort to enhance working relationship of Belize with the government of Barbados. The Minister says that tourism in both countries can benefit from closer collaboration.

According to Heredia, he has already began talks with Barbados’ Tourism Minister, Richard Sealy, on possible areas of cooperation for the tourism sectors.

“The whole Caribbean is a magnificent market but Barbados is far ahead of us when it comes to development. I believe there are some things that we have to learn from you all, but there are also good things you can learn from us also”, he said in an interview.

Heredia gave examples such as joint destination marketing campaigns and an airlift from Barbados to Belize, with a possible connection to Cuba, as examples where each country can benefit from a closer relationship. He indicated that both Belize and Barbados have uniques aspects that would allow the other to benefit from the collaboratio.

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