MoneyGram extends operations to Belize

MoneyGram International, the 2nd largest money transferring agency in the world that provides payment and financial services since 1940, has decided to extend its operations to Belize.

The company plans to offer a wide choice of payment services and products including money transfers, money orders, express payment services, utility bill payments, etc.

To provide its customers with an affordable and convenient money transfer service, MoneyGram selected three agents – Belize Bank, Omni Networks and Fultec Systems.

Omni Networks is a fully Belizean-owned company providing a wide variety of automated and electronic solution services. According to regional Sales Manager for the Caribbean, Steve Higgins, Omni Networks started offering MoneyGram transfer services in Belize on July 1. However, only receiving and not sending money was possible to agents. Now, Omni provides electronically delivered prepaid cards and telecommunication products as well as merchant services for point of sale and merchant terminals.

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