Belize Ministry of Finance transfers additional funds on fight against crime

Last week, the Ministry of Finance of Belize has made a special transfer of US$300,000 to the Ministry of National Security, for the purchase of special equipment for Belize Police Department’s reconfigured strategy to combat violent crime. This deal is part of Belize government strategy of fight against crime as the higher-priority task. Approval of the draft budget of Belize Cabinet that will be presented this week to the House includes sufficient funding for national security.

The prime minister of Belize jurisdictionhas decided to move the Department of Immigration out of the Ministry of National Security. This will allow the Ministry of National Security administratively and operationally to focus on its main task. As a result of this rearrangement, the Immigration Department will move to the Ministry of Local Government, Labour and NEMO. Minister of State Elvin Penner, who has special responsibility for immigration, will also move to the new ministry.

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