Belize and EU signed climate change financing agreement

Paola Amadei, head of delegation of European Union, was to arrive in Belize to present her credentials to the Governor General of Belize and for an official visit, after taking office in Jamaica in March of this year. Her official visit included the signing of a financing agreement with the government of Belize on climate change.

As a result of the signing of the financing agreement on climate change, Belize jurisdiction will benefit from a climate change project entitled ‘Enhance adaptive capacity and resilience to climate change in national policies’. The European Union will contribute Euro 2.9 million, and Government of Belize will contribute Euro 0.3 million to the project.

The general aim of the project is to support the strengthening of the National Climate Change Office, which is providing economic, social and environmental expertise to meet the government’s objectives. The project targets climate change governance structures, positioning the governing of Belize to effectively manage the effects of climate change on development of Belize.

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