Mexico delegation visits Belize

The Mexican trade mission is to make visit to Belize jurisdiction on May 15-18, in collaboration with the Trade and Investment Mexican Agency, ProMexico. The purpose of the visit is trade promotion and identification of potenital buyers and suppliers of various products and/or services.

Among the Mexican business people and companies that are included in the delegation are: Adrian Manuel Xeque Solis; Botanas y Frituras del Sureste La Lupita; Fábrica de Postes; Galletera Richaud Hermanos, Inco Peninsular; Industrias Metalo Yucateca; Mitchel Salchichonería Alemana; Productos Richaud, Sayer Lack Mexicana; Septi-K; and Victor Manuel Pat Rodriguez. The products include: hurricane shutters, reinforced concrete poles, wood and metal furniture, pipes, biodigestor tanks, coating, jewellery, plastic bottles, and snacks and caramels.

On May 16, the delegation will be at the Mexican Embassy in Belmopan, and on May 17 it will be at the Institute of Mexico in Belize City, to meet with Belizean counterparts, government officials and representatives of various organizations.

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