Prince Harry visited Belize as part of his official tour

The ten day trip to the Caribbean and Central American region, by which Prince Harry represented his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II , became his first successful solo tour on behalf of the Queen. Harry’s comments received wide attention in the British press, as he spoke about royal role and the challenges and responsibilities it offers to him and Prince William.

As part of the tour, Prince Harry visited Belize, where he attended a street party in Belmopan. More than 2 thousand people gathered in the capital as the Prince named a new street Queen Elizabeth the Second Boulevard. He was welcomed and greeted very enthusiastically, and even encouraged not to strictly follow the regular protocol and dance traditional Creole dances on the party. He also fascinated everybody by saying some words in Creole language.

The unusual royal walkabout of Prince Harry received approval of local Belize authorities. Actually, the royal walkabout appeared more than fifty years ago when a young Queen Elizabeth broke protocol to mingle with the crowds during her visit to New Zealand. Now her younger grandson who loves parties so much continued the tradition of breaking the protocol.

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