Investing in Property. Why in Belize?

It is not a secret that many Americans are increasingly interested in retiring to Belize. However, Belize attracts also lots of potential investors.

What does make Belize seem attractive to them?

First of all, it is the stability of the property market in Belize conditioned by the stability of the economy in Belize. The stability of the Belizean currency, which is linked to the USD, and of the political climate is also worth mentioning.

Another reason that makes investing in Belize appealing is taxation that encourages international business and investment into the country. Belize regulates the offshore financial services industry well.

Belize has become a massive tourist centre. The numbers of tourist visits to Belize are growing. It is also important that it is quite easily accessible from North America, Western Europe. Some also like about Belize the fact that many American celebrities have homes in this jurisdiction.

However, when talking about investing in property in Belize, property availability is definitely to be taken into consideration. Property in Belize specifically for investment purposes provides a vast choice for investors.

Property investment opportunities in Belize are numerous – they include residential retirement developments, commercial ventures such as hotel and resort facilities, off plan holiday home and residential property purchase, etc.

So, Belize’s real estate market is full of potential for investors from all over the world.

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