Belize Tourism releases Report

The tourism sector in 2006 has reported that a recorded overall increase was 4.5%.

The USA represents 61% of the market share. Particularly for the United States, the increase accounted for 3.2%.

The European market had an increase of 2.7%. The Canadian market showed a 14.5% increase.

According to the report of the Hotels Department, employment in the hotel sector has seen growth. It grew by over 300 to 4 347.

As to official cruise figures for 2006, they are recorded at almost 656 000 passengers aboard 295 cruise ships. This shows an 18% decrease in cruise passenger arrivals from 2005.

But there an increase in cruise passenger expenditure has been very significant – it was recorder at 59.9%.

To conclude, year 2006 has exceeded expectations and the tourism sector in Belize continues to enjoy excellent results to make it a new record year. According to the World Tourism Organization, year 2007 is likely to turn into the 4th year of sustained growth. As far as tourism is one of the most dynamic economic sectors, it plays a big role in fighting poverty to achieve sustainable development.

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