Belize gets low score in Transparency International corruption report 2009

Transparency International (TI), the international organization leading the fight against corruption, has released the Global Corruption Report 2009: Corruption and the Private Sector. According to this TI’s report, Belize is listed at #111 of 180 countries. The report gives Belize a 2.9 score on a scale where 0 is highly corrupt to 10 is highly clean.

Compared with the results of the Global Corruption Report 2008 that focused on Corruption in the Water Sector, Belize’s position has become worse as it was ranked at 99 with a score of 3.0 in 2008.

Being ranked 111th, Belize was ranked above Nigeria, Honduras, Venezuela and Somalia.
Belize’s sister nation, St. Lucia, received a much higher score of 7.1, while Guatemala was ranked 98 with 3.1.

The Global Corruption Report 2009 points out that the private sector, just as governments, should follow the principles of transparency and accountability.

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