Business Meeting of House of Representatives awaited

On April 25, 2008, there will be a business meeting of the House of Representatives.

At the meeting, the Government of Dean Barrow will move a constitutional amendment. By that, the Senate will be given powers to call for and to conduct independent inquiries into the operations of the Government, the House of Representatives includingly. The constitutional change will also give to voters powers to recall an elected member of the House of Representatives by means of referendum.

The Referendum Act will be changed in order to allow the public to call for a referendum on matters that are important for the public. A referendum can be called by 10% of registered voters in the country or 25% of voters in any given constituency, depending on whether it addresses a national issue or constituency issue. If a referendum is supported by 60% of voters, it will be held and decided by a simple majority.

As to other reform measures, the Prime Minister will be confined to 3 terms total, the Senate will be enlarged, and the Freedom of Information Act will prohibit secrecy on any public contract or other public document in order to ensure open government.

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