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Japan invests more in Belize’s cotton industry

Saturday, February 20th, 2016

Belize’s budding Sea Island Cotton industry has received additional assistance from the Government of Japan.

Japan handed over 2 tractors worth $205,000 to ICA Belize, a local cotton growing company owned by Japanese-belizean businessman Kensuke Inoue, under the aegis of the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security projects of Japan.

The gifts complement an ongoing project aimed to benefit both countries. Japan’s demand for cotton far surpasses the world’s supply. This is an opportunity for Belize to earn much-needed cash by exporting the product. Cotton crop yields are much higher than any other agricultural product in Belize, but cotton farming requires different kinds of equipment. Hence, Japan has offered this kind of support, as well as the equipment to produce cotton.

Belize’s weather conditions and soil quality bodes well for Belize’s ability to produce top quality cotton. In a productive year, the country can produce 30,000 pounds of dried cotton, which represents $160,000 in earnings from Japan and Europe.

There are 6 local farmers in Buena Vista, Little Belize, Shipyard and Bomba who are involved in the project.

Research and Markets releases Central America Telecommunications Report Q2 2012 for Belize

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Central America Telecommunications Report Q2 2012” report to their offering.

BMI’s Q212 Central America Telecommunications report analyses and assesses the latest developments in the telecoms markets of seven countries including Belize. Also, it discusses the markets of Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. The report contains revised 5-year growth forecasts that chart how the country’s different telecommunications sectors are likely to develop.

Belize police seize 2 tons of cocaine

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Police in Belize have seized 2 tons of cocaine that was flown into Belize aboard a small plane that made a midnight landing on a highway.

Authorities have detained 5 officers who allegedly have cordoned off a section of the road so that the aircraft could land.

According to a police report, authorities found 80 bales of cocaine in a village near the highway Belize.

Northern Spirit closes agreements regarding Belize Production Sharing Agreements

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

It was announced by Northern Spirit Resources Inc., a Canadian-based oil and gas exploration and production company, in a news release on April 16, 2010 that that the Corporation has entered into 2 Production Sharing Agreements with the Government of Belize.

Recently, CEO of Northern Spirit Resources Inc., Richard F. Boyd, announced that the Corporation has received regulatory approval for the compensation to arm’s length parties who were instrumental in the acquisition of the 2 Belize Production Sharing Agreements.

In contrast to those referred to in the April 16, 2010 news release, the terms have been amended and Northern Spirit will issue the following:
– 100,000 common shares of the Corporation to a Canadian individual;
– 400,000 shares to a Belize corporation controlled by a Belize resident;
– a 1.5% gross overriding royalty to Canadian residents, which royalty is convertible at the option of either party until May 11, 2011 into 300,000 shares; and
– a separate 3.5% non-convertible gross overriding royalty to the above Canadian residents and the Belize corporation.